Keswick Player’s Handbook – Introduction


(King by Skaya)

Written by Bo Luellen and Johnny McLain

The new Pathfinder system supplement by Pick Up the Fork Media LLC. is due to be released in November.

What is Keswick?

The Nation of Keswick is a shinning beacon of bravery and chivalry to the rest of Arreanna.  It is based on the Arthurian legends with a twist of pop culture.  The war torn landscape shows the scars of cataclysms and disasters that nearly wiped out civilization from the face of the planet on several occasions.  Now the small number of civilized races struggle to survive in sporadic settlements scattered through the land.  Out numbered by the vicious races of The Wild almost 2 to 1, The Crown of Keswick is determined to defend The Realm.

What does this book bring to my gaming table?

New game mechanics such as:

  • Cache Renown’s:  Organizations that give players an career path and an edge when starting their adventuring career.
  • Mecha’s and Kaiju (Godzilla sized monsters):  Defend the Realm from 200+ foot tall monsters in equally massive mechanized robots made from forgotten and ancient Arreanna technology.
  • Well Crafted History:  The designers have been writing Arreanna since 1996, which results in one of the most well organized and thought out histories to any campaign setting.
  • Mini-Races:  Certain races of marsupials were awakened during the Age of the Purge.  Play as cute 6 inch Murine (mouse), Dragon Shrews or Flying Chipmunks in adventures from a smaller perspective.
  • New Combat Rules:  Mechanics developed for Mini-Races as well as Kaiju sized encounters that makes sense.
  • Brand New Classes, Races, Feats, Traits and Pantheon:  Keswick has options that allows for them to play anything from a bold Knight from one of the 13 Orders or a thief looking to rob a tomb.  High adventure is the order of the day!
  • Much more…

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(Lich by Mattdon Nici)

Bible Belt Ghost Hunting


My name’s Bo Luellen, and I’m part owner of the Third Eye Paranormal Investigators of Tulsa along with Candy Riggs.  Since 1999 I’ve been investigating the paranormal.  Operating in Oklahoma has brought some special challenges and opportunities.  Many of the home owners who contact us for an investigation has shown a hesitation to tell their preacher or church pastor of such activity.  While the concept of a living God who is actively involved in their lives is always a topic in churches, the topic of the undead or the devil is taboo.


When we are contacted by potential clients, one of my first questions is, “have you discussed this with your religious organization?”  A prudent question to ask, especially in the Bible Belt.  The answer has been an overwhelming “No.”  The stigma of suggesting that you have something paranormal happening in your home can be daunting for a client to deal with.  The gossip circles in churches can be ruthless, and clients do not want to be the target of some vicious rumor.

This point has always interested me.  Some of the Mid-South religions have an almost cult like culture that, historically, has been quick to claim Satan’s involvement in any paranormal activity.  Because of this, clients and churches generally refuse to address any tangible evidence of the paranormal.  It reminds me of a hunter that only plays video games, and has no practical training in what to do if they were in the wild doing the real thing.

New Pathfinder Mini-Races

For those of us that grew up in the 80’s, we remember certain iconic cartoons that still make us smile today.  The idea of a smaller culture living around a bigger one became a cool idea.  The Little’s, The Rescuers, Smurfs, and The Secret of Nimh were but a few.


The new supplement book by Pick Up the Fork Media has integrated a rule system that allows for miniature 6 inch tall races into your normal campaign setting.  In the land of Keswick, several small marsupial species have become awakened with intelligence.  They set out to take their place in society, but are mostly ignored by the normal humanoid races.  The player gains the ability to adventure as a tiny mouse or a dragon shrew.  instead of battling dragons, you find yourself trying to rescue a lost child from a “fang beast” (a cat).  Perhaps your set upon a quest to gather information for The Crown, as your size makes you a natural spy.

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Varla Ventura’s Tales of the Strange Launches!

I’m happy to announce the paranormal podcast, Varla Ventura’s Tales of the Strange has dropped its first episode on iTunes.  We are going state by state, interviewing and discussing some of the most interesting reports and cases of paranormal activity we can find.  Some stories are from small teams and others are from historical events.  I’m so honored to co-host, edit and produce this show with Varla.  She has been an inspiration to me, and we hope you love the show.

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Promotional Project

In promoting the launch of my website and my upcoming book and podcast, I decided to advertise in a different way.  To help with exposure, I picked women in my world that were strong, independent and fearless to participate in a series of James Bond/Atomic Blonde style photo shoots.

The first was Ellen Earp.  She is a descendant of James Earp, the brother of the famous lawman Wyatt Earp. She has lived her life on her own terms, and conquered adversity at every turn. Ellen was a perfect choice for this project. She is beautiful, powerful and undeniable.

Photography by:  Pink Wolf Photography


The second was Bridgitte Moon.  A born survivor, mother and positive influence to those around her.  She has overcome obstacles that would be keep most people down for the count, and found a happiness within a successful life.  She continues to inspire the next generation in her position as a TRIO Academic Adviser at Connors State College.

Photography by:  Niki Counce Photography

Bo (44 of 57)b

At each stage of release in a project I will continue to pick strong women in my life to do these photo shoots with.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.  A Big thanks to the models for their time and friendship.