New Pathfinder Mini-Races

For those of us that grew up in the 80’s, we remember certain iconic cartoons that still make us smile today.  The idea of a smaller culture living around a bigger one became a cool idea.  The Little’s, The Rescuers, Smurfs, and The Secret of Nimh were but a few.


The new supplement book by Pick Up the Fork Media has integrated a rule system that allows for miniature 6 inch tall races into your normal campaign setting.  In the land of Keswick, several small marsupial species have become awakened with intelligence.  They set out to take their place in society, but are mostly ignored by the normal humanoid races.  The player gains the ability to adventure as a tiny mouse or a dragon shrew.  instead of battling dragons, you find yourself trying to rescue a lost child from a “fang beast” (a cat).  Perhaps your set upon a quest to gather information for The Crown, as your size makes you a natural spy.

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