Bible Belt Ghost Hunting

My name’s Bo Luellen, and I’m the owner of Psy Inc. Paranormal Investigations. Since 1999 I’ve been investigating the paranormal. Operating in Oklahoma has brought some special challenges and opportunities. Many of the home owners who contact us for an investigation has shown a hesitation to tell their preacher or church pastor of such activity. While the concept of a living God who is actively involved in their lives is always a topic in churches, the topic of the undead or the devil is taboo.


When we are contacted by potential clients, one of my first questions is, “have you discussed this with your religious organization?” A prudent question to ask, especially in the Bible Belt. The answer has been an overwhelming “No.” The stigma of suggesting that you have something paranormal happening in your home can be daunting for a client to deal with. The gossip circles in churches can be ruthless, and clients do not want to be the target of some vicious rumor.

This point has always interested me. Some of the Mid-South religions have an almost cult like culture that, historically, has been quick to claim Satan’s involvement in any paranormal activity. Because of this, clients and churches generally refuse to address any tangible evidence of the paranormal. It reminds me of a hunter that only plays video games, and has no practical training in what to do if they were in the wild.

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