Sensitives as an Investigation Tool – Part 2

Sean West, (Pictured Left) in the Crown Hill Graveyard in Tulsa, OK, doing a reading on a paranormal hot spot.

My name’s Bo Luellen, and I’m the owner of Psy Inc. Paranormal Investigations of Tulsa along with Candy Riggs.

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While the concept of a Sensitive member of a team cherished point of debunking by skeptics, their value can change the tide of an investigation. One role the Sensitive seems to play is the connection they can have with the client.

The Unexpected Councilor

In situations where emotions run high, the clients can become overwhelmed by the sharing of their experiences. In past investigations I’ve found the clients seem to gravitate towards the Sensitive members of the team. I believe this is because the client feels that their story is so incredible, they seem to be concerned with convincing the team that their recount is true. They want someone to know they are not crazy, and the supernatural occurrences really happened. To that end, they reach out to the team member who can validate their experiences by means of a sixth sense. The Sensitive member becomes not only a tool for sensing activity, but a councilor to the client. This too can be a benefit to the team, as they might get further information vital to the investigation that the client did not share initially.


Third Eye Paranormal Investigators of Tulsa’s Team Sensitive – Leila Rachelle

The Occultist Librarian

During the Pope Lick Monster investigation case in Louisville, KY, our team came across some drawings on the side of the bridge. These were a mixture of pagan symbolism and Celtic letters. We documented the drawings for later research, but one of our team Sensitives amazed us all by translating it on the spot. To give him credit, Mr. Chris Gravatte was the team member in question. He is a Crowlian and an excellent field technician.


Pagan symbols found on the bridge during the Pope Lick Monster Case.


Third Eye Paranormal of Lousiville, KY team member Chris Gravatte.

The background of the Sensitive is usually rooted in some occult or pagan practice. This can be a great resource to a team when they come into contact with some mystery surrounding such an element. In 1988 I was told a story by a librarian about going through her fathers affects after his death. She found a chest full of candles, spell books and incense. This was a big surprise to the woman, and she told the story like a tale of horror to scare children. At the time I was heavily influenced by my families religion, Pentecostal, so this story frightened me to death. It wasn’t until I started investigating and researching the occult that the particulars of the librarians story made sense.

To have a qualified expert in occult practices and pagan religions on hand cannot be underestimated or undervalued.

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