The Keswick Player’s Handbook is now available!!

My name’s Bo Luellen, and I’m the co-author of The Keswick Player’s Handbook along with Johnny McLain.  The Keswick Players Handbook brings to life a gaming world I started creating back in 1996 while DM’ing for some of the best friends a person could have.   Since that time I’ve continued to run decades of adventures in my world of Arreanna.  In March of 2016 I had a life altering surgery that gave me a new focus.  I brought on board Johnny as a co-author and together we began a monumental undertaking of writing a source book for one of the nations.  This month we completed the book and our work was picked up by the publishing company .  Today we are proud to announce that the book we worked so hard on is now available for sale:

The Story Concept:  

The world of Arreanna is filled with excitement, danger and riches that call to bold adventurers. Inside is a chronicle of the magnificent nation of Keswick, home of the King of all Arreanna. Using the Pathfinder system you will have everything you need to dive into a world that blends the Arthurian style with contemporary Steampunk. Play a tiny mouse race called the Murine or pilot giant gnome built robots to do battle with unique Kaiju monsters!

Art from The Keswick Player’s Handbook.

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For more information:
Keswick Players Handbook on Facebook
Bo Luelen on Facebook
More on the upcoming writings of Bo Luellen


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