CaSPR – Case File: Historic Camelot Hotel

My name’s Bo Luellen, and the owner of Cryptid and Supernatural Paranormal Researchers (CaSPR).

About a week ago I released some of the photos’s from our Camelot Hotel investigation on a few social media outlets. There was a great deal of interest in the case, if for nothing else, to see the pictures of our Oklahoma landmark. Here is the full story with photo’s.

Case Name: Camelot – Date: August 13th, 2005

Case Reseach:

The Camelot Hotel has been a shining landmark for Oklahoma from 1965 to 2007 when it was demolished. Here are some key elements of the hotel –

Credit: The Tulsa World

  • It was build in October of 1965 and had 330 rooms.
  • President Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley were among the Camelot’s VIP guests.
  • The Republican governors’ conference was held there in 1968 and local high schools booked their proms at the hotel.
  • The hotel even made a cameo appearance in the 1982 Matt Dillon film, “Tex.”
  • Its design reflected Old England in the spirit of its name sake, Camelot.
  • The hotel drawbridge lowered and a doorman costumed as the Keeper of the Realm welcomed guests.
  • It cost 5 million to build.
  • In the courtyard, a replica of Excalibur, the sword which King Arthur withdrew from the stone in the fable, was embedded in a 700-pound boulder.
  • Every room had a phone, including the bathrooms.
  • Each of the four luxurious bi-level tower suites on the eighth floor featured a living room with a bar, poker table, color television and powder room on the lower level with the bedroom (with a black-and-white TV) and bathroom upstairs. Entrance to the suites, named Musk Ox, Mandril, Unicorn and Walrus, was through double doors with huge brass handles imported from Spain.
  • The public rooms were just as posh. In the swanky Red Lion Club, guests were served by “lionesses” decked out in gold lame pelts with red ostrich feather tails. The bar had thick plaid carpeting, stained-glass windows and red swivel chairs upholstered with black leather.
  • The lobby was a modern take on King Arthur’s Court, complete with a Round Table and a throne.
  • The crumbling castle was purchased by followers of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who renamed it Heaven on Earth Plaza Hotel with plans to transform it into a school. They offered to rid Tulsa of crime through Transcendental Meditation for $26 million a year. City officials declined.
  • Protesters from local churches marched near the Camelot when 13 contestants competed in the Miss Gay Oklahoma Pageant in the hotel’s Great Hall.
  • It was condemned in 1996.
  • QuikTrip Corp. purchased the 5.9-acre property and demolished the hotel in 2007. Five years later, the convenience store chain built a store on the site
The below pictures are from searches on the web.


Case Investigation File:

In early 2005, word came around that the Camelot’s future was not hopeful. The building had a history of haunting’s. Reports of spirits being seen on the top floors was always popular around the camp fire. Nothing solid had ever been collected. I decided that it was now or never to get an investigation going.

I phoned the realator for the building asking if I could do an investigation. We were flat out refused. This made sense. They were trying to sell the building so the last thing they needed was to have a team putting paranormal evidence on the internet.

One week later I phoned the realtor back again, this time telling him I was an investor looking to possibly buy the property. Now this was a lie, but not entirely. If they were willing to sell the building for 20 bucks, I could handle that with a payment plan. Incidentally the realtor did tell me they were looking for 4.1 million for the property.

On August 13th, 2005 we arrived at the property to meet the realtor and the security guard. Our team was dressed in business casual to fit the part of investors. After some waiting we discovered the realtor wasn’t going to be joining us and the security guard had a family emergency. I was informed that the front gate was unlocked and we could come and go as we wished.

My team immediately changed into street clothes and entered the building. Team Members: Bo Luellen (team owner), Chris Rowe (team owner), Alicia Murphy, and Taj were present. We entered as a group, but were unprepared for the level of vandalism we were about to see.

The 1st floor was coated with layers of broken glass. Every window in the first floor had been shattered. This made walking very dangerous. The glass had a tendency to make you slip, and falling wasn’t something you wanted to do. Gang graffiti and evidence of homeless living in the building was everywhere.

The further we went up the less vandalism there was. Parts of the building were burned in what looked like isolated fires. Doors were kicked open and rooms were used by those desperate enough use the hotel for shelter.

Hints at the grandeur of the place were all around. Incredibly beautiful 70’s architecture shown through in areas. The bar area looked like a 70’s disco palace if the Knights of Old needed a place to get down. In the center of the dance floor were circle seating so if you got tired of dancing, you could take a break. Just incredible.

When we reached the penthouses we found that looters had stolen most of the decorative items in the rooms. We did find a bill for a guest that was slide under the door that dated to the 80s’. It was like finding a time capsule.

When we reached the roof we took a picture of downtown Tulsa (pictured below). Looking down you could easily see the magnificence of the shield shaped pool. It was rumored that the builder of the hotel wanted miniature crocodiles to be placed in the pool, but found no way of keeping them alive.

On our second sweep of the first floor we found a box of fliers left behind by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In it he outlined his goals for Tulsa. We collected a few of them for historical context.

In the end we did not get any evidence of a haunting. EMF meters were normal. No EVP’s were found in audio collected. All photographic evidence showed only normal dust particles.

Unfortunately when my co-owner left, he destroyed years of evidence, including the video and audio of the Camelot investigation. This is a shame because we captured the beautiful grandeur that still existed in areas of the hotel. The below photos are the only ones I have left. To my knowledge, we were the last paranormal team to enter the building.

The below pictures are owned by Alicia Murphy.

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