Profile: The Mighty Ants Lipanovic

My name’s Bo Luellen,. I’m the owner of Psy Inc. Paranormal Investigations. This article outlines the profile of a personality that will be in my upcoming book, Mr. Ants Lipanovic.

Not Quite Finding Bigfoot

In 2012 I was hosting a paranormal podcast called The 188 Garrison. I covered all manner of supernatural elements. When Finding Bigfoot hit Animal Planet, it was a huge hit. I booked Cliff Barackman onto the show. In the weeks leading up to his appearance I began researching some of the shows latest episodes. The Season 2 Australian Yowie installment had just aired. I invited two Australians that were involved in the episodes production, Mr. Ants Lipanovic and Mr. Ray Doherty onto my show. It was a great program, but after the show was over I got the real scoop. The following is what happened during the filming of that episode in his own words.
(Upper Left: Ray Doherty, Upper Right: Ants Liponavic, Bottom: Finding Bigfoot Crew with Ants and Ray)

Behind the Scenes in the Outback

“The Finding Bigfoot show was coming to Brisbane. To my delight I had an insider who was invited to the town hall meeting. This was the gathering the show conducts during filming to get local reports of Sasquatch activity. Unfortunately my friend wasn’t able to attend, but he offered to give me his spot.

He said, “Go on. Have a good time. Let me know how it goes!”

Sasquatch had been a passion of mine since I was a kid. At an early age I would watch and read anything I could get my hands on about the creature. In my adulthood I took my interest to a new level. I began looking for the Australian version, The Yowie.

Naturally I jumped at the chance. Being a good mate, I sneaked a few fellow Yowie hunters in with me. You know, as all good Australians would do. So down to Brisbane we went.

I took this rare opportunity seriously. The Finding Bigfoot team were a bunch of heroes to me. I was itching to get in and say hello to Bobo. The chance to meet the most famous crew out in the field of that time period was electrifying.

When I arrived I was told the filming was running late. It seemed it was taking the production crew longer than expected to get organized. While waiting we all managed to meet the cast. It was a good time. The Finding Bigfoot team had a few pictures with us, shared some stories and napped a few group pictures.

The production team said everyone that had showed up for the Town Hall Meeting could have a refreshment or two on their tab. Here is a teachable moment for any Yanks that come to visit. You should never say something like this to an Aussie.

Three hours later we had a few more than one or two drinks. Everyone had ordered Angus steak dinners, and kept drinking. During this set up period we had met some of the other folks who where there for the Town Hall Meeting. There were dozens of Yowie witnesses, but I had heard of any of them. After visiting with each of them, I find out two thirds of them were actors! Well that’s it! Another drink please. I was in shock. The only thing I could do to calm my disappointment was to get me some dessert on Animal Planets tab.

Finally it was time to start filming. Jesus, sitting in the crowd watching all of this happen was a eye opener for sure. I watched one guy nearly fall over from too much rum. The only thing that kept him from falling asleep was the promise of another glass. I’m a gentlemen enough to not name names, but you know who you are.

So now the crew was rolling film. Scanning the room the Finding Bigfoot crew asked, “Who has had an experience?” You know what? All those actors put there hands up. Then as usual “wooooooo” from the four main cast members with the star saying, “That’s a lot!”

I’m thinking bullshit ya wankers I know that most of them are fake. Listening to these people give their accounts and knowing what was really going on was just disappointing. They used fake accounts instead of genuine witness testimony. I was so disappointed. We had even invited the Finding Bigfoot cast to come out to our site during their week of filming. I couldn’t’ back down now. I feel like I’ve become a part of the hoax.

The night drew to a close with the mapping of peoples fake accounts in the can. Then the day arrived when the Finding Bigfoot crew came to our investigation site. Mind you we are all set to do an over night experience, just like on the show. We had no longer showed them around when we got shunted off. They said it was because the catering truck was on its way to feed the crew. So we left very disappointed and a little bewildered. We had no idea what happened out thee after that.

We might have been been used for our site, being a part of that set up Town Hall but I’m not not mad. I just laugh it off. You see rumor has it our tab at the bar was around $2500 dollars. Match point Animal Planet.”

– Ants Lipanovic

Paranormal Odyssey

After that conversation we started a podcast together. Ants and I worked on the Paranormal Odyssey podcast for over a year together. We interviewed a multitude of high profile ghost hunters, UFO investigators and Bigfoot enthusiasts. It was an honor. He is a Brother to me. A drunk, ugly and incredibly cool Brother.

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