CaSPR – Case: 1-18: The Witches Grave

Team:  Cryptid and Supernatural Paranormal Researchers (CaSPR):  Bo Luellen, Candy Riggs, Trevor & Cindy Messner 

Location:  Hillside Mission Cemetery E0410 Rd, Skiatook, OK 74070


Rear of the cemetery under an oak tree.


The Legend:

A woman in the township kept her husband’s body after he passed away. Using black magic, she attempted to bring him back to life. The town came to bury the body on multiple occasions. Each time the witch would go to the cemetery and dig up her dead husband. She would drag the corpse back to their home. The township finally entombed the husband’s coffin in a casing of concrete. The legend says that the witch haunts the tomb, and noises such as screams and footsteps can be heard near the grave. Other reports say that rocks are hurled towards anyone that disturbs the tomb. A curse was supposedly placed upon the grave by the witch, and anyone who touches it will be possessed by a demon.

Side Note:

A legend also says that the cemetery is haunted by the spirit of a teenager who died when his car was wrecked at a nearby bridge. The kid is said to walk the cemetery still today.

The Investigation:

A scouting mission was conducted by Candy Riggs and myself. We took pictures of the grave during the day to get accurate pictures of the scripture written on the side of the concrete coffin:

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The verse is written on both sides of the grave, Samuel 12:23, seems to support the urban legend.

“But now he is dead; why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.”

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During the daytime scouting, Candy and I noticed trinkets and coins placed around the grave. We speculate this might be some kind of offering to the witch. We did not find any reference to this anywhere on the net.

We conducted a nighttime investigation at a later date. The investigators: Cindy, Trevor, Leila and I made a sweep of the surrounding area looking for hits on the EMF meter. An EVP session was conducted around and on the grave. The trinkets and money around the tomb were missing on this second visit. A deeper dive into the surrounding graves was initiated. Our team’s findings were logged in our case files.


The fantastical nature of the legend could not be substantiated anywhere in an official record. If the township did have a witch that was practicing necromancy, she might not have been alone. As found in other areas of Oklahoma, cells of pagan witches hide in plain sight. It is within the realm of possibility that whoever left the trinkets were doing so as some kind of offering or request to the spirit of the dead witch.