CaSPR – Case 5-18: The Albino Legend – Crown Hill Cemetery Tulsa, OK

Team:  Cryptid and Supernatural Paranormal Researchers (CaSPR)

Team Members:  Bo Luellen, Candy Riggs, Larry Fennel, Trevor and Cindy Messner

Location:  4301 E 66th St N, Tulsa, OK 74117

The Legend:

The urban legend speaks of an albino who used to be the caretaker of this graveyard. who was hung in the tower located in the back of the cemetery.  The spirit of the dead caretaker can be seen at night looking out from the windows of the tower.

Side Note:

The cemetery has other legends attached to it.  Some speak of a Sparky’s Graveyard legend.

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The Investigation:

The first time I ever heard this legend was in 1999, when I first joined a group in Tulsa.  Variations of the legend have been retold over the years about the Albino and the Tower.  I’ve never found any evidence to substantiate the existence of a albino who was a caretaker.  After conducting over a dozen on site investigations of the cemetery, I’ve never picked up an EVP or photo that would point towards the legends being a reality.

Side Note:

Our team has logged several other EVP’s and photos that show evidence of a haunting in this graveyard.


I believe the perpetuation of this legend is helped by the white cherubs placed in the windows of the tower.  From the road, these could look like white faces looking out.

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