NEW! The Serpent and the Light: Abscondita Est Magicae (Book I)

Title:  The Serpent and the Light: Abscondita Est Magicae (Book I)

Authors:  Bo Luellen

Publisher:  Pick Up The Fork Media

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Publishing Date:  August 27th, 2018

Details:  The first novel set in Bo Luellen’s richly imagined world of Abscondita Est Magicae welcomes readers with a modern take on the classic Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde story. It begins in a Mid-South town where Professor Amanda Lanyon finds herself entangled in a mysterious murder surrounding one of her students. Along with Detective John Utterson, Amanda must join forces with some unlikely allies when confronted with the Black Brotherhood cult of Cthulhu. Her assumptions and faith are challenged as she discovers a hidden universe of magic and legend. Now she is steeped in a struggle against evil as she faces a world of Angels, Demons, and Fey that move unseen to the Mundane.
The epic of Abscondita Est Magicae dares you to enter a world of midnight creatures, classic monsters, and fairytale legends.

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