Early Look – Book Two – The Storm of Garmr

When I started the series, Abscondita Est Magicae, I had a few goals in mind.  I wanted to start and finish the story in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the story would have a running theme of duality that challenged the concept of good and evil and would introduce new classic monsters we grew up with.  In Book One, The Serpent and the Light, I started with two iconic horror figures:  Cthulhu and Mr. Hyde.

While the take on Mr. Hyde was unconventional and dabbled into the spiritual realm, the angle of Cthulhu kept as traditional as possible.  I developed a new cult, called The Crimson Brotherhood, which had its own twist on worshiping the Great Dreamer.  It was critical to place four humans in the middle of supernatural circumstances, then let the reader see the story from their own eyes.

In Book Two I introduce two new classic monsters, that interact with the evolving story.  With each new book, I will throw in one or two new traditional monsters.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but in this ten book series, you will visit some old friends in the world of horror.

Below is a link to the Epilogue and first chapter of the new book.  For those of you that have read the first novel, I think it will give you some exciting directions the story is going.  If you are a first time reader to the series, then welcome.  Grab some hot cocoa, curl up in your comfy chair, dig in and enjoy!

Early Look – Book 2 – The Storm of Garmr

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