NEW! Available On Amazon! The Dawn of Anubis!


I’m very grateful to announce that my newest book has published and is available on Amazon.  This has been an amazing road of discovery, mistakes, successes, and perseverance.  I appreciate all of your support and hope you enjoy this third installment to the series.



This is the second novel of Bo Luellen’s modern fantasy world of Abscondita Est Magicae.  The Storm of Garmr adds the Frankenstein and Vampire mythos into this intricate epic of death cults and Fallen Angels.  It picks up as Tulsa is in chaos, ripped apart by the followers of Cthulhu and the militarized Christian Crusaders who want to stop them.  The journey towards the truth takes Detective John Utterson to the brink of madness, while Amanda takes a spiritual trek to Scotland in order to keep her daughters safe.  The fate of the world begins to twist as she becomes entwined in the Arthurian Legend and takes part in a deadly test by Morgan Le Fay.  The epic continues, as Abscondita Est Magicae delves into a hidden world of vile vampires, shadowy government agencies and re-animated corpses that will plague your favorite nightmares.


The Dawn of Anubis available through Amazon.

Thank you for your amazing support!

– Bo