Cover Reveal and Launch Date for Book Four – The Plague of the Cursed!

I’m happy to announce that The Plague of the Cursed is set to release on September 1st, 2019!  The central Totem figure was a commission piece by Leila Rachelle and emphasizes the elements found in the novel.  The cover graphics were done by Francessca’s PR & Designs, and perfectly places the central monster figure that is found in this edition of the series, the werewolf!




This is the fourth novel of Bo Luellen’s Cthulhu epic in the world of Abscondita Est. Magicae. The Plague of the Cursed picks up in the wake of the Tulsa disaster, as the United States mourns the tragedy and prepares to take grave measures to protect its citizens. With the building storm of violence and chaos on the horizon, Thomas Booth and Nicolas Van Helsing travel to Long Beach, California A.E.G.I.S. branch to help in their desperate search for the Crimson Brotherhood.
Booth questions his faith, as the Druid’s new foe forces a choice between saving nature or humanity. The diabolical schemes of Imohotep puts the alchemy of Frankenstein’s re-animation method to use on a tribe of Tlingit Indians cursed with lycanthropy. The Mummy sets his sights on releasing the Lycanthropic infection upon the West Coast that will turn the innocent masses into bloodthirsty monsters. The story continues, as this installment of Abscondita Est Magicae plunges the reader into a dark world of treacherous shapeshifters, ravenous werewolves, and depraved serial killers, in The Plague of the Cursed.


The Plague of the Cursed will be available through Amazon.

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– Bo





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