CaSPR – Case 16-19: The Tulsa Race Riot Mass Grave

Team:  Cryptid and Supernatural Paranormal Researchers (CaSPR)

Team Members:  Bo Luellen, Ellen Earp, Larry Fennel, Trevor and Cindy Messner

Finding the Mass Grave

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Upon seeing the following article from the Washington Post I was struck with an urge to help in any way I could. As an investigator into the paranormal, I knew my outreach to the Archeology team wouldn’t likely be met with much success. To my surprise, the Chair of the Committee was open to our data and findings. I began an effort to recruit trained metal detecting experts from the great State of Oklahoma. Justin Finley of the Oklahoma Metal Detecting club answered the call, and technicians drove in from all over the State on November 9th.

Below is a timeline of events to get you caught up to where we are. I’m happy to report we have developed several locations in Oaklawn Cemetery that could be possible locations for the mass graves based on hits the technicians got. We do not dig in the ground, only running equipment over the surface, and we are cautious not to walk over the graves.

We are looking for more technicians to volunteer to find our lost Oklahomans that vanished on those horrible May 31 and June 1, days in 1921. Please email me via the Contact page if you have a metal detector, experience using it, and free time on the weekends.


On October 18th, 2019, I penned the following email to the Archeology team searching for the lost graves:

Hi Dr. Regnier,

My name’s Bo, and I’m an author and paranormal investigator. I’ve seen the newspaper articles about your efforts to locate the mass graves. I’ve engaged my followers on social media for historical accounts related to your project. Our team is making an expedition to that area in an attempt to gain further leads for you. I’m not asking you to believe in the paranormal, but I will relate any finds we get to you. This way if you are looking for spots to check, and you have extra time, you’ll have some further options to investigate.
I would love to speak with you and relate to you the leads I’ve been given.

On October 22nd, I received the following response:

Dear Mr. Luellen,
Amanda Regnier of the Oklahoma Archaeological Survey forwarded your email to me. I’m the chair of the Physical Investigation Committee, who is leading the effort to locate the unmarked graves of victims of the 1921 race massacre.
At the present time, we do not need your assistance in this matter. But please feel free to submit any of your thoughts or findings to the City of Tulsa’s website regarding the riot. Here’s a link to the portal:
Thank you.
Scott Ellsworth
Dr. Scott Ellsworth
Physical Investigation Committee, Chair
City of Tulsa, 1921 Grave Search

Oct. 22 – My Response

Hi Scott,

That sounds like a good plan. Once we are done, we will report back via that link. Glad you are open to our efforts.

November 9th & 10th

On November 9th, a collective work, a cooperative effort was made by both CaSPR and the Oklahoma Metal Detecting club to find the lost graves in Oaklawn Cemetery. The following open letter was sent to the Physical Investigation Committee:

Open Letter – Tulsa Race Riot Mass Grave Search

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