CaSPR – Case 20-4: The Desecration of Rehobeth Cemetery Chapel

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Team:  Cryptid and Supernatural Paranormal Researchers (CaSPR)

Team Members:  Bo Luellen

Location: Fannin County, Texas.  Take FM 34 west from Ladonia for 4.7 miles to Rehobeth Cemetery Road, then south for 1.3 miles to the cemetery.

Evidence, and Observations:  The cemetery has been nearly entirely vandalized and desecrated.  Entire sections of the graveyard stand in ruin and several crypts have been removed.  We found tire tracks in the dirt where people had driven over the tops of grave markers and busted them in half.  This is by far the worst shape I’ve ever found a cemetery to have been in.  We performed an EVP session and scanned the area with the EMF.  We didn’t get any hits, but a feeling of great sadness was present.