Magicae:  Book Two, The Storm of Garmr *Coming Soon!*


Author:  Bo Luellen
Publisher:  Self Published
Available in:  TBA
Deadline:  3/1/2020

Details:  The comatose Henry Jekyll is public enemy number one now that the Battle at the Preserve has become an international incident. Detective Utterson’s struggle to capture the Crimson Brotherhood cult and vindicate his past actions takes him to the brink of madness, as the new Master ramps up terrorist attacks in Tulsa and a militant vigilante group rises in response. Across the pond, Professor Lanyon finds herself in a deadly game of cat and mouse while investigating Arthurian legends in the Scottish Highlands. The eerie epic continues in the second book of the Magicae series, as they delve further into a hidden world of vile vampires, shadowy government agencies, and re-animated corpses that will plague your favorite nightmares.

Editor: Henry Cribbs
Cover Art: Christophor Volk
Cover Design and Promotional: Francessca’s PR & Design
Interior Art: Steve Standeford
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