Magicae Research Notes: Feral Hogs

The Things You learn while writing

Since the beginning of the Magicae series, I’ve done my best to give as much realism as possible to the fantastical elements present in the novels. Occasionally, I come across interesting research points that help deliver something original and thought-provoking into the storyline. In Book Six, the Cthulhu cult, known as the Crimson Brotherhood, has weaponized a group of feral pigs and morphed them into Lovecraftian monsters.

Book 6 Research Notes:

I learned that feral hogs can give birth in 115 days. Sows born are sexually mature at 6-8 months. Each liter is an average of 4-6 piglets. In Oklahoma, the feral pig population is between 600,000 to 1.5 million. The total numbers are estimated at 6 million in the populated areas.


Feral pigs can be extremely dangerous to people, particularly when the pigs travel in herds with their young, and should be avoided. Feral pigs living in the United States have been known to attack without provocation and fatally injure human beings. There have been over 100 documented attacks by feral pigs on human beings in the United States between 1825 and 2012. Of these attacks, five have been fatal. Three of the five fatal attacks were by feral pigs wounded by hunters. Both male and female feral pigs are known to attack without provocation, and attacks by solitary males and group attacks have been documented.

On November 26, 2019, a 59-year-old Texas woman named Christine Rollins was attacked and killed only a few feet away from the front door of her workplace by a herd of feral pigs in the town of Anahuac, Texas, which is 50 miles east of Houston. This incident was the fifth documented fatal feral pig attack in the United States since 1825. Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne, in a formal statement to news media, stated that “multiple hogs” assaulted Rollins during pre-dawn hours between 6 and 6:30 a.m. when it was still dark outside. The victim died of blood loss as a result of her injuries.

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