COVER REVEAL! Magicae: Book Seven, The Plague of the Blackfish

Author:  Bo Luellen
Publisher:  Self Published
Available in:  Paperback  on Amazon Kindle
Projected Published Date:  3/1/2021

Details: Imhotep’s Fifth Plague is sinking US submarines and wreaking havoc with underwater listening posts. Soon the President will be forced to blame a foreign power if AEGIS cannot bring the monstrous marine mischief under control. Amanda Lanyon becomes lost at sea when she encounters the beasts responsible, and she must fight to survive in open water, while Terry Johnston hits the streets of Miami to find the one man who can unravel the mystery and help locate her before it’s too late. High seas adventure, pirates, and terrors from the deep splash onto the pages of this seventh installment of the Magicae supernatural thriller series!

Editor: Henry Cribbs
Cover Design and Promotional: Francessca’s PR & Design
Book Series Facebook Page

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