Cover Reveal! Magicae: Book Ten, The New Aeon

Author:  Bo Luellen
Publisher:  Self Published
Available in:  Paperback  on Amazon Kindle
Published Date:  TBA

Details: The seventh and last of the Herald’s plagues has been released in America, and the Great Old One has awakened Nations are on the brink of war. The Crusaders turn the streets into battlegrounds, and the Crimson Brotherhood’s terrorist attacks keep fear in the hearts of citizens. Richard Enfield challenges an already struggling President as the election looms. Edward Tallman hunts the missing Amanda Lanyon, and the remaining AEGIS agents struggle to find a way to save humanity, all while the hurricane-shrouded Dreamer slouches towards Bethlehem, threatening to end God’s authority on Earth so chaos will reign supreme in a new Aeon filled with carnage and horror! The ten-part supernatural thriller series, Magicae, finally reaches its epic, action-packed conclusion in Magicae: Book Ten, The New Aeon!

Editor: Henry Cribbs
Cover Design and Promotional: Francessca’s PR & Design
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3 thoughts on “Cover Reveal! Magicae: Book Ten, The New Aeon”

  1. Nice! Any idea when the hardcover versions will be available for order?

    Thank you,

    Larry Fennel, CPSI Recreation Maintenance Leader III Parks and Recreation Dept

    (Sent from my iPhone)



    1. The hardcover for book one is already out. We are working on getting the entire series on hardcover by the end of the month. 🙂 I haven’t announced it yet, so… shhhhh lol


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