Now Available! Magicae: Book Nine, The Plague of the Scale

Author:  Bo Luellen
Publisher:  Self Published
Available in:  Paperback  on Amazon Kindle
Published Date:  3/3/21

Details: The senescent super-spy, Roger Quinlynn, infiltrates a series of deadly games organized by the Colorado Crimson Brotherhood’s leader, Duke Voronin. The winner gains membership to the cult while the losers meet a grizzly end. The aging agent and his Scottish counterpart, Ian MacLean, are in a race against time to stop the Herald’s Seventh Plague, while the Norse gods’ Thor and Hermod take human form and try to even the odds against Cthulhu. It’s all-or-nothing in this high-stakes last gambit to stop the awakening of The Great Dreamer. AEGIS’s men of mystery mix it up with monsters, murderers, and mythological figures in this ninth installment of the Magicae supernatural thriller series!

Editor: Henry Cribbs
Cover Design and Promotional: Francessca’s PR & Design
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