Magicae – 2022 Release Schedule

Hi Everyone,

There are a ton of changes going into 2022 for the Magicae books. Here are some highlights:

  • Magicae Tales – I published the first novella in this series when I realized it wasn’t working. I’m republishing Magicae Tales: Book One, October Moon as a 400 page novel. It will contain a 150 page continuation story involving the established Magicae characters and 9 short stories in the Magicae universe. This feels better and has a greater value for my customers. Estimated release – February.
  • Magicae – With all ten novels in this origin story published, I had left it behind me. The only thing left to do was recover the first four to move away from stock photos and add original art. Books 1 – 3 are complete and Book 4 should be done before the new year.
  • Magicae Nights – This is my first romp into romance, and it will be an adventure. The story will run through an 8 book series and involve a pack of Texas werewolves. The first one should be out by mid-March.
  • Magicae Pentangled – This will be the wrap up series for the Magicae Universe. It should start production in 2025.