Writing Update


2022 will have some exciting new directions for the Magicae Universe. Here’s where I’m at with it:

  1. The Magicae Universe will be subdivided into six different series: Magicae (Completed), Magicae Tales, Magicae Legacy, Magicae Nights and Magicae Pentangled.
  2. Magicae: This is the origin story for the main cast of characters. Status – Completed.
  3. Magicae Tales: This is a collection of short stories that come from the Magicae Universe. These stories are in the spirit of Twilight Zone. Status – Book 1 of 8 is 70% completed.
  4. Magicae Legacy: This is the continuing adventures of the main cast of characters. Status – Book 1 of 8 is 90% completed.
  5. Magicae Nights: This is a werewolf romance novels. Status – Book 1 of 8 is pending.
  6. Magicae Pentangled: These will be the concluding novels that wrap up the Magicae Universe. Status – Book 1 of 5 is pending.

I can’t easily say how happy I am to have this challenge before me. I hope you enjoy it!