Writing Update


It’s 2022! Happy New Year and Magicae is off and running! Here is where I’m at in production order:

  1. Magicae Tales: Book 1 of 8 is 75% complete. This
  2. Magicae Legacy: Book 1 of 8 is 90% completed.
  3. Magicae Nights: Book 1 of 8 is pending.
  4. Magicae Pentangled: Book 1 of 5 is pending and will not start until MT, ML and MN are completed.

It’s a ton of fun writing Magicae Tales. It’s a collection of short stories that have a twilight zone/first season of x-files feel. They are all unrelated snippets from the Magicae Universe, so it gives me a great deal of artistic freedom. For instance, I’m currently writing a time travel story involving the MK Ultra program. It’s truly inspiring to be able to pick out any time in history and create something supernatural out of the mundane.

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