Writing Update


We are mid-January and I’m already sick of winter. Working out in the garage is for the birds, and I’m looking forward to some great sunshine in the spring months. I’ll be competing again in the Highland Games in March, and I’ve got to get geared up or I’m going to need a stretcher to get off the field.

On to Magicae! Here’s where I’m at:

  1. Magicae Tales: Book 1 of 8 is 80% complete.
  2. Magicae Legacy: Book 1 of 8 is 90% completed and in queue behind MT.
  3. Magicae Nights: Book 1 of 8 is in queue behind ML.
  4. Magicae Pentangled: Book 1 of 5 is pending and will not start until MT, ML and MN are completed.

Now that the housekeeping is done, let me get to some random thoughts:
Back in my youth, I was enamored with the paranormal so much that joined a team of investigators. Little did I know that it would lead me to twenty-plus years of supernatural discovery and fun. I’ve gone on hundreds of cases that involved aliens, UFOs, Bigfoot, and hauntings. Each one left a mark on me that stains the pages of my novels. Let me tell you one such story.

In 2020, I got a call from the producer of Expedition X, who wanted to do an episode on one of my cases. The particular paranormal point of interest was of the Shaman’s Portal out of Beaver, Oklahoma. The legend spoke of a cave where some Spanish conquistadors had met a grizzly end when green light had lanced out of the darkness and vaporized them. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a hoax that was perpetrated by an internet troll but the measures I took to reveal this were the real treasure. I spoke to the geology department at an Oklahoma college, who jumped on the chance to be a part of the investigation. These badasses were students, professors, and Ph.D.’s with a wealth of knowledge. They kept an open mind and a joyful spirit throughout the process. When it was over, the Shaman’s Portal was disproven and the staff at the college wished to remain anonymous in their involvement.

What was my takeaway? That the supernatural appeals to academics but admitting to it can be chancy. I’ve brought that to my writings, and some of those helpful geologists have been the model for some of my science-based characters. Skeptical in public, but curious in private.

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