Bo Luellen was born in Muskogee, OK in 1973, the only son of Bob and Beverly. Being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, he took to reading science fiction and fantasy novels while dealing with the illness.  This lead to table top gaming in 1987, and he began building the world of Arreanna in 1996. He continued to develop the fictional world  for 20 years. In 2015 his illness became terminal, and began the process of put the collective works into a book called The Keswick Player’s Handbook.  It’s being published through the Pathfinder OGC, partnering with co-writer Johnny McLain. 

Starting in 2001, Bo began an adventure investigating paranormal haunting’s, cryptid’s and UFO’s. By 2008 he began podcasting on the subject matter with numerous international guests on several platforms. Notable co-hosts were Scott Coward and Ants Lipanovic. Using this experience he launched a paranormal podcast with the noted author, Varla Ventura on October 2017 called, Varla Ventura’s Tales of the Strange.  In 2018 he is scheduled to publish Oklahoma’s Third Eye, a book based on his adventures investigating the paranormal.

Bo currently lives in Broken Arrow, OK working in the Data Security field.  He continues to investigate the paranormal with his team, The Third Eye Paranormal Investigators of Tulsa.