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Title:  Clean Ashes

Authors:  Bo Luellen:  Memoirs of an Oklahoma Paranormal Investigator

Publisher:  Pick Up The Fork Media

Available in Paperback  on Amazon

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Publishing Date:  May 29th, 2018

Details:  A collection of thrilling and painful stories of the ghostly and mystical, Clean Ashes brings to light the hidden world of the occult and the wonder of the supernatural. Bo Luellen’s paranormal memoir captures the painful journey from a small Oklahoma town towards a life of adventure into the unknown. Surreal and powerful, Clean Ashes reveals the shadowy history of the Bible Belt.


Title:  The Keswick Player’s Handbook

Authors:  Bo Luellen & Johnny McLain

Publication:  OGC/SRD

Publisher: Self Published, Open Gaming Store –

Available in Paperback  on Amazon

Published on:  November 17th, 2017

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Details:  The Keswick Player’s Handbook is an OGC Pathfinder resource book by Bo Luellen and Johnny McLain, with copyrighted IP.



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