Title:  The Keswick Player’s Handbook

Authors:  Bo Luellen & Johnny McLain

Publication:  OGC/SRD

Publisher: Self Published, Open Gaming Store –

Available in Paperback  on Amazon

Published on:  November 17th, 2017

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Details:  The Keswick Player’s Handbook is an OGC Pathfinder resource book by Bo Luellen and Johnny McLain, with copyrighted IP.IMG952087



This map was commissioined from the renowned Tulsa, OK artist, Leila Rachelle.  If you would like a quality map commissioned of your world, I could not recommend anyone better.  Find her at

Story Concept:  The world of Arreanna is filled with excitement, danger and riches that call to bold adventurers. Inside is a chronicle of the magnificent nation of Keswick, home of the King of all Arreanna. Using the Pathfinder system you will have everything you need to dive into a world that blends the Arthurian style with contemporary Steampunk. Play a tiny mouse race called the Murine or pilot giant gnome built robots to do battle with unique Kaiju monsters!

Title:  Oklahoma’s Third Eye

Authors:  Bo Luellen

Publication:  TBA

Publishing Date:  TBA

Details:  This book is based on the true events surrounding the history of paranormal investigations conducted by Bo Luellen in the Oklahoma area.  I highlights his most interesting cases from his nearly two decades of active research.