Book Four New Cover!

I’m very excited to say that the re-covering project is complete! Book Four has a brand new cover featuring the werewolf style from my books. In Magicae, the lycanthropes have elf-like ears and a golden shine to their eyes.

Now Available! Magicae: Book Nine, The Plague of the Scale

Author:  Bo LuellenPublisher:  Self PublishedAvailable in:  Paperback  on Amazon KindlePublished Date:  3/3/21 Details: The senescent super-spy, Roger Quinlynn, infiltrates a series of deadly games organized by the Colorado Crimson Brotherhood’s leader, Duke Voronin. The winner gains membership to the cult while the losers meet a grizzly end. The aging agent and his Scottish counterpart, IanContinue reading “Now Available! Magicae: Book Nine, The Plague of the Scale”