The Keswick Player’s Handbook

Author:  Bo Luellen & Jon McLain
Publisher:  Self Published
Available in:  Paperback  on Amazon Kindle
Published Date:  February 1, 2018

Details: The Keswick Player’s Handbook The world of Arreanna is filled with excitement, danger, and riches that call to bold adventurers. Inside is a chronicle of the magnificent nation of Keswick, home of the King of all Arreanna. Using the Pathfinder 1st Edition system, you will have everything you need to dive into a world that blends the Arthurian style with contemporary Steampunk. This rich world includes the mechanics to play a tiny Mini-Race, including the Murine, Flying Chipmunk, and Dragons Shrew. A fully fleshed-out realm complete with cities, geography, history, and a detailed map await inside.

Cover Design and Promotional: Francessca’s PR & Design