Martial Arts

Luellen Ichizoku Karate


Operating out of the Thunderkick School in the Promenade Mall
4107 S Yale Ave unit 244
Tulsa, Oklahoma


  • Traditional Karate
  • Grappling
  • Weapons


  • Free to members of the Thunderkick stuidio
  • Five dollars per class mat fee to be paid to Thunderkick.
  • All classes are free
  • All testing is free

Gear required

  • A traditional medium weight karate uniform with white belt.
  • MMA gloves and shin pads
  • Mouth piece
  • Sports cup for male students

Belt Level Material

  • Just as a traditional school in Japan you will not be handed a belt level requirements sheet.  You pay attention, practice all material given, and be practice.  Belt levels tests are given at the discretion of the Sensai.

Apply for Membership to the School

  • To apply for the school send me a message via the Luellen Ichizoku Karate page.
  • This class is about honor and respect.  You pay with effort and discipline.  If you start missing classes without first clearing it with your instructor or no call no show several times,  you will be ejected and the next person on the waiting list will be given your spot.