Writing Update

Readers, We are mid-January and I’m already sick of winter. Working out in the garage is for the birds, and I’m looking forward to some great sunshine in the spring months. I’ll be competing again in the Highland Games in March, and I’ve got to get geared up or I’m going to need a stretcherContinue reading “Writing Update”

Writing Update

Readers, It’s 2022! Happy New Year and Magicae is off and running! Here is where I’m at in production order: Magicae Tales: Book 1 of 8 is 75% complete. This Magicae Legacy: Book 1 of 8 is 90% completed. Magicae Nights: Book 1 of 8 is pending. Magicae Pentangled: Book 1 of 5 is pendingContinue reading “Writing Update”

Writing Update

Readers, 2022 will have some exciting new directions for the Magicae Universe. Here’s where I’m at with it: The Magicae Universe will be subdivided into six different series: Magicae (Completed), Magicae Tales, Magicae Legacy, Magicae Nights and Magicae Pentangled. Magicae: This is the origin story for the main cast of characters. Status – Completed. MagicaeContinue reading “Writing Update”

Book Four New Cover!

I’m very excited to say that the re-covering project is complete! Book Four has a brand new cover featuring the werewolf style from my books. In Magicae, the lycanthropes have elf-like ears and a golden shine to their eyes.

Now Available! Magicae: Book Nine, The Plague of the Scale

Author:  Bo LuellenPublisher:  Self PublishedAvailable in:  Paperback  on Amazon KindlePublished Date:  3/3/21 Details: The senescent super-spy, Roger Quinlynn, infiltrates a series of deadly games organized by the Colorado Crimson Brotherhood’s leader, Duke Voronin. The winner gains membership to the cult while the losers meet a grizzly end. The aging agent and his Scottish counterpart, IanContinue reading “Now Available! Magicae: Book Nine, The Plague of the Scale”