Magicae Tales

Series Synopsis

The Magicae Tales Series is a 24 part novella run by Bo Luellen that contains three short stories in the Magicae universe. Each book has three short stories, with one dedicated to characters from the previous ten-book Magicae Series that continue their adventures. The remaining two are horror/sci-fi random narratives from the world of Magicae that deal with odd encounters with fairies, monsters, gods, and other supernatural beings.

Magicae TAles: Book One, October Moon

Author:  Bo Luellen
Publisher:  Self Published
Editor: Cleo Miele
Available in:  Kindle/Paperback/Hardcover
Published Date:  May 8th, 2021


The Driller

After a near-cataclysmic battle with the Cthulhu-worshipping cult called the Crimson Brotherhood, there are only enough AEGIS agents to man a skeleton crew in Long Beach, California. Their small team has been tasked with discovering the identities of the remains of 131 victims allegedly killed by werewolves. On top of that, they’re also on the hunt for the Driller—a sadistic serial killer with a penchant for drilling seven holes into each of his victims. Agent Samantha Knox, disgraced ex-cop Theo Harris, and werewolf packmates Terra Bailey and Autumn Shaw finally get a lead on the Driller through a tip hotline and begin a race against the clock to stop him before he can capture his seventh and final victim. Unfortunately, when things seem to be going too smoothly, there may be a malevolent surprise lying in wait.

The Fixer

Luis Vera is in his final semester of medical school and just wants the people in his dorm to be quiet for once so he can study for his exams. He’s not just an average student, though; Luis owes a debt to Marco Alcabú, a mob boss who took him in when his parents were killed, who decides to call on Luis for one final favor before his debt is relinquished. Reluctantly, Luis agrees to it, thinking the task seems simple enough—not that he had much of a choice in the matter. What he didn’t count on was a grisly discovery waiting for him in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Late Fees

Martha Harris’s last day before retirement at the Dripping Springs Community Library starts as expected. Her coworkers got her a lovely celebratory cake, her assistant has taken care of the heavy lifting for the day, and she might even get treated to pizza for lunch! As she goes about her final task of checking the late book list, however, the old woman comes into contact with someone with a voracious appetite for werewolf lore. Perhaps her send-off into retirement won’t be as mundane as she expected.